Do You Have the Bug?

It seems as if that this week has been “flu week” at Desert Gateway Baptist Church! At one point or another, someone we know has experienced some flu-like symptoms (including yours truly). It was not at all a fun experience.

The flu bug is contagious. Therefore, we retreat to the comfort of our homes and stay there until it has passed. The flu bug is controlling. It dictates your appetites, your intake, and your actions. The flu bug is consuming. It takes all that is within you to fight off the sickness and even then, you may still have need of antibiotics to fully recover.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we had a “servant bug?” It would be contagious– we would influence others to serve alongside us. It would be controlling– it (or should I say ‘He’) would dictate our appetites, actions, and in intakes. It would be consuming– much like the house of Stephanas in 1 Corinthians 16, we will find ourselves “addicted to the ministry.”  But even as we are consumed by the “serving bug,” we must still seek the power of the Spirit. For only then can we effectively serve our Lord.

So, in the midst of the flu season, have you caught the right bug yet?

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