Youth Conference 2010

A few days ago, we had the privilege of hosting on our campus almost one hundred teenagers and their youth leaders for our first ever youth conference. What a joy it was to see young people giving their lives over to the Lord! The moments spent in preparation and execution could not even compare to the results God bestowed upon us!

As I watched the teenagers come in, it brought back some memories for me! The activities, the skits, the games, and most of all– the preaching. How God melted my heart as a teenager! I look back and remember the workings of God in my life during those conferences.

When the teenagers left, I whispered a simple prayer, “Lord, let them stand at the back of an auditorium someday as they host their own youth event. May they feel the same joy I’m feeling, and even more. Please use them to impact their generation for Thee.” Can you imagine what God can do with an army of surrendered, submissive, and sold-out teenage servants? What a thought! Sound impossible? Not with God!


One thought on “Youth Conference 2010

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