Anabelle’s First Year

It seems like yesterday when the nurse walked down that long hallway and handed us our precious baby girl. Tears flowed as we held in our arms a true miracle from God. In some way, we could relate to the emotions of Hannah (though Anabelle is certainly no Samuel). And yet today, we are so blessed to be the parents of a testimony of God’s almighty grace! No wonder the name fits so well- Anabelle Grace.

As she grows her personality is starting to come through and boy, are we ever in trouble! She has already shown herself to be very fun-loving. If you’re wondering, she laughs hard like Amy! She would throw her arms up in the air and just come down, slap her legs, and let out a roar of laughter. It is one of the most preciouis gift.

Though if you were to ask me, what’s the best thing about being a parent right now. Without hesitation I would have to say that it is when I am holding her in my arms, she places her head on my shoulder and with one of her hands, she just pats me in the back. As if she’s saying, “This is my Daddy. I love him. He’s doing a good job.”

The first time she did that, I was so moved. Now, she loves to give hugs and kisses and Anabelle has proved to be a very loving child. I know she’s a sinner and she’ll make some wrong decisions but that will never take away the joy I feel when she shows her love for me.

Amy put it this way, “For the first year, you do everything to show your child you love them. Then as they grow older, it is as if God placed within them the ability to love you back.” And it so true- then I thought about this.

God has proven His love for us by providing His Son to be the Sacrifice for our sins. He continues to prove it daily by protecting us, preserving us, and providing for us. As we mature in the faith, I wonder how much we are reciprocating that love back to God. Jesus simply put it this way, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” Are you willing to COMPLETELY obey the Words of Christ to show your love?

As my Anabelle hugs and kisses me, I am thankful that she is at the stage where she can show her love for her parents. It does my heart good! Then I wonder, “Am I showing God how much I love Him? Am I doing His heart good?” Something to think about…


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