A Modern Day Miracle


Let me begin by saying that since I have been saved, God has always placed me in thriving independent, fundamental, missionary-minded, soul winning, separated, Baptist churches. I cannot comprehend how a church can not have the fire and desire to impact their community and world for God. Think about the love He has provided- it needs to be shared; it needs to be declared! From Temple Baptist Church in Lacey, Washington under the leadership of Pastor Mike Kinney; to Lancaster Baptist Church in California under the leadership of Pastor Paul Chappell; to Liberty Baptist Church in Las Vegas under the leadership of Pastor David Teis- I have seen miracle after miracle! I am eternally grateful for the influence these men and their ministries have had in my life.

And for the past ten years, Amy and I have enjoyed growing in another miraculous ministry- Desert Gateway Baptist Church under the leadership of our pastor, Ron Leversee. And once again, God has allowed us to experience another miracle.

In just a few hours, our church will be celebrating the soft opening of our new campus. With three new buildings, which includes the auditorium pictured above, we eagerly anticipate what the Lord will do. Though our Grand Opening is not scheduled until May, we are feverishly preparing for our community to come and see what the Lord has done.

Let me describe what the God has done: we have an auditorium that can seat over 500 people, which also has a state of the art audio-visual system, and a beautiful lobby area; the educational building features eleven new classrooms, a fellowship hall, a nice serving kitchen, audio-visual equipment, and brand new seats; the administraion and nursery building has four large nurseries, a large work area for our secretaries, new offices for the leadership staff (that includes me), and a conference room worthy of plugging your Wii into for a game of Super Mario Kart when we are not conducting planning meetings. On top of this, we have two brand new commercial playground systems coming, more equipment to help us be more efficient, and more items that I am just too tired to remember right now. And when we sing our first song, say the first “Amen,” hear the first message, lead that first soul- we will have done so having paid for the buildings in full! To God be the glory! What a miracle!

In a time when the economy is slumping, markets are crashing, and the unemployment rate is rising- we must remember that we serve a recession-proof God! He is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask of think, and did He ever! What a mighty God we serve! 

When you pillow your head tonight, ask yourself this question, “When’s the last time I was a part of a miracle?” The same God Who provided Desert Gateway Baptist Church with this modern-day miracle is the same God Who can provide you with a miracle, too. Ask for it, position yourself to receive it, and enjoy the pleasure of knowing and seeing what God can do.


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