Anabelle’s First Valentines’ Day

She's excited to get a Valentine gift!


 As we approach the “lasts of the firsts” for Anabelle’s young life, we indeed are thankful for how God has provided and guided our family. The first year has not been without its challenges but the blessings have far outweighed the burdens. 

Last Sunday, we celebrated our first Valentine’s day as parents. It was fun to see Anabelle’s face as she wondered what all the gifts were all about. As always, children are more interested in the box than the actual gift! 

I can’t help but think about how much I love this little girl! I can’t leave for work without stopping by her crib- telling her I love her as she continues to snore (she is her father’s daughter). I make excuses to “run home” just so I can catch a glimpse of her smile. And her giggles lately just melt my heart! I love Anabelle so much that I can’t even comprehend it. As I type this post, she’s sitting on my lap and it hits me- if I love my daughter this much, how much more must my heavenly Father love me? Wow! 

His love is eternal, unconditional, without limits, and for you. And the next time you’re having a bad day, think about His love and bask in His goodness and grace. If you’ve never yet experienced the fulness of His love, trust Christ today and you will. For more information on trusting Christ, please click on “The Greatest Link” tab above.

She's excited about her new DVD's.



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