Amy and Anabelle at Chase Field.

Anabelle having a good time at the game (the actions on the field, girl).

“What? Is it a crime that I’m having fun?”

“Okay, Mommy, they’re getting too loud. Hold me!”

Now she looks out on the field!

“Oh yeah! My Daddy took me to the game and we had fun.”

Last night, we went with our church family to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks lose to the Atlanta Braves (sorry Pastor; that one’s for you Granmother Overton). Two things made it a special time, it was Anabelle’s first baseball game and we sat at the all-you-can-eat section of the ballpark. Which one is more important? You can decide!

After the Braves pounded on the Diamondbacks for seven innings, we decided to call it a game. Amy says we really left because the buffet closed at the seventh-inning stretch. Regardless, the Braves won and both my southern belles were happy about it.

Since we have moved to Arizona we have been blessed to be able to go to professional sporting events. We’ve watched baseball, basketball, and arena football. We have never gone by ourselves (it’s always more fun when you’re with Christian friends rather than a beer guzzling fan) and we have always had a blast! It was a joy to allow Anabelle to experience it as well. This may not seem much to most but to us, we see this as one of the many benefits of serving the Lord in Arizona.

We don’t have much but I am thankful that God allows us the privilege of having these fun things to enjoy. And as Anabelle grows up, we want to teach her that these events are blessings from God. Now, whether she grows up as a Arizona Diamondback fan or as an Atlanta Braves fan, I’ll let everyone else decide!



  1. between Pastor, Melanie, and myself ….. she will be a diamondback fan!!! LOL i will take her to the games without you!

  2. As Amy says, “I love her so much!” I miss you Kuya, Amy, and Anabelle! Hope to see you soon! Anabelle is so big and cute!

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