She is always making us a laugh with her cute faces!

This is our little Princess in Training. Notice the concentration!
She is giving Daddy tips on how to make Sinigang.
Her favorite time of the day is watching Daddy and Mommy
make dinner.

She enjoys talking to Popa, Grandma, Yaya, and Bebe on the
web cam.
This wave is sent out to Aunt Gina and her friend Theresa.

She likes sitting in her Bumbo. She can see what is going on.
Yes, you’re right. She is like her Momma that way.
She wants to grab her penguin.

Anabelle is now two months old! I can not believe how fast she is growing. We are enjoying every minute of her journey. We are so proud of all of her new achievements. She is now smiling, following us with her eyes, having play time every day, she is alert now, and she is sleeping almost seven hours straight every night.

She is the joy of our lives and we “love her so much”. (Isaac I hope you do not mind that Uncle Juan and I have borrowed your phrase.) We still can not believe at times that she is really ours. She is so beautiful and is a good baby.
Just the past week she seems to want Mommy to go to sleep. I have to tell you that it brings tears to my eyes that she wants me to hold her. That is a dream come true for me.
She loves her Daddy, too. She loves when he whistles to her. Her favorites are the Christmas carols. She also loves playing with her Daddy. No one can get her to smile faster than her Daddy. He is so good with her. I love to watch them together.
I wanted to give you some updates on our little miracle. She is growing way too fast. We are trying to enjoy every moment of this wonderful journey.

She enjoys playing with penguin on her Rainforest Gymn.

She likes to watch and listen to her mobil.



  1. She has changed so much. I love the picture her sitting up in her seat. I just want to hug and sqeeze her! She is so precious. Give her lots of hugs from Grammy and Pap!

  2. I love her Bumbo(?) purple seat. I think this is great. She can see everything when she is in it – no wonder she loves it so much. Love ya, Cindy

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