The Zarate Family on their first church picnic together.
Anabelle just found out Grammy and Sommer are leaving!

Does this pacifier sum it up?

Regardless of how much we want Anabelle’s first words to be “Mommy” or “Daddy,” the way our lifestyle is, it’s going to be another word. The word she’ll probably say first is the word “go.” In the car seat to church. On the stroller in Target. In Daddy’s arms at Babies ‘R Us. In Mommy’s new sling (you’ll have to see pictures of that). Anabelle is definitely a baby on the go!

Take this morning for example. She was up by 5 a.m. (after sleeping through the night, by the way) “asking” for her bottle. This morning she was at the airport by 8 a.m. to drop off Grammy and Sommer. After figuring out what time Grammy’s flight was (see twitter post on the sidebar), we enjoyed a good breakfast at Chili’s. While at the airport, Anabelle changed into her church picnic outfit. After saying goodbye, we headed to Discovery Park. There, the “church baby” was passed around (which Anabelle was very good about) as people enjoyed the fruit of their prayers. Mommy wanted to go shopping after the picnic but Daddy quickly vetoed that because both Anabelle and him needed a nap!

We are thankful that we have a baby that does not mind going. My Pastor so wisely put this way in regards to children, “Though they will change your life, remember that they are joining your family. You are the parent and you are commanded of God to train them up. The parent ought to always train the child and not the child train the parent.”

Maybe to help make “Mommy” or “Daddy” still be her first words (it’s going to be Daddy of course), we should take a page out of Uncle Carlos and Benji’s language. Instead of teaching her the word “go” we should say whenever we are going somewhere the word, “venga!” That’ll do the trick!

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