Growing up in the Philippines and in the state of Washington has caused me to believe that I have seen enough rain in my lifetime. In the Philippines in rained half of the year and in Washington, well let’s just say there’s a reason it is called “The Evergreen State.”

When I was younger, the rain did not seem to bother me as much. We would go out and play basketball in the rain, ride our bikes, and do all sorts of things. But when I got older, playing in puddles just didn’t seem quite as fun. Rain became a nuisance to me. Yes, rain is important for the environment and all but I longed for it to stop so that I can resume my normal activities.

I remember as a teenager in Washington, looking forward to the end of a rainy day when the sun would peek itself through the clouds. I would grab my basketball, call my friends, and head to the park! We can come out and play again! We all returned to a measure of normalcy in our lives.

This past week has been somewhat “rainy” for my family. Amy has been battling some infections, I haven’t been feeling well, and Anabelle is trying to “understand” why Mommy and Daddy act so tired all the time. It has been a struggle! And as most “rainy seasons,” it seems as if things have a tendency to pile upon you. I think the president declared a “state of emergency” upon my office! On top of that, we are expecting more guests to come in the next few days (which we gladly welcome but you know how we all want to prepare for them). It has been a crazy, hectic week and the weekend doesn’t seem to be too promising either in regards to rest and recuperation.

But today, God chose to allow a little sunshine to come into our lives. As I shifted from a mentally-heavy task to the mindless job of opening mail, God provided a little ray of hope that has served as my own little “power boost.”

Today, we received in the mail Anabelle’s birth certificate. To most this may not seem like a big deal but as Amy and I read our names where it says “father” and “mother,” our eyes just began to fill with tears as we were reminded once again of how good God is to us. It has really been a hard week but with this document, God has given me the strength to keep going- to grab my basketball and go out to play!

No matter what storms you may find yourself in, rest easy knowing that storms are not intended to last forever. The Son will always shine through and bring the light that you need for your life!

Anabelle’s Birth Certificate


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