“All that for me! You shouldn’t have.”

“My Uncle Hector a.k.a. Nike Supplier.”

“Miss Leola watches me during choir practice every Sunday.”

“This is my cake (see the name?) and my parents didn’t share it with me!”

“My Mommy and Daddy publicly dedicating me and themselves to the Lord.”

“I love my Pastor!”

Sunday night was a very special night for our family. After the preaching service, Amy and I publicly dedicated Anabelle to the Lord. We have prayed many times, as Hannah did, that if the Lord gives us a child, we would give her back to Him. On this night, we made that prayer and decision public by not only dedicating Anabelle, but ourselves as well.

In day and age when many turn to books, magazines, and internet articles, Amy and I determine to turn to the Word of God for the help we need to train Anabelle in the way that she should go. We pray that we would be good stewards of this precious gift God has given us. Will we be perfect parents? I’m sure we’ve already messed up somewhere and will continue to do so. But we will strive to rear her in a biblical manner.

I have said this before, as special as Anabelle’s journey was to us, I cannot begin to imagine what God will now do with her life. I love what Dr. Goetsch told us during our men’s retreat regarding what God can do and it applies perfectly to our prayers and dreams for Anabelle:

“God’s power can work beyond our expectations.”

How about you? What expectations do you have in your life? Your family’s life? God has proven to us over and over again that He is able if we would only let Him work. Will you determine to allow Him to work for you today?


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