“Hey! What are you doing taking my picture?”

“What! You’ve never seen a baby bathe before?”
“I think my Grandma loves me!”

“Me and my Popa. Give him a raise, Microsoft!”

Last Friday, my Mom and Dad flew in from Washington State to meet their granddaughter for the very first time. I wasn’t here to see it because I was at our annual Men’s Retreat but the pictures are simply priceless. For me, it was great to see the smile on their faces as they held Anabelle for the first time.

I am so thankful that both sets of Anabelle’s grandparents love the Lord and seek to live for Him. I have heard many horror stories of how difficult it was for parents to accommodate the relationships of their children with unsaved grandparents and am simply thankful we don’t have to go through that. All the grandparents are faithful, active members of their respective churches and it’s neat to hear them talk to Anabelle about the Lord. This is yet another blessing from God!



  1. Just loved the new pics, she has grown so much! I’m so glad her Popa and grandma got to see what a lovely grandbaby we have. I’m sure they agree totally by the looks on their faces.lol

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