“What’s my Daddy and Mommy planning to do?”
“I guess I’m the poster child for the Zarate home. Happy Easter!”

One of the neat things about being a parent is experiencing the “first times” of your child. Today was Anabelle’s first Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday for those of you who think we’ve gone liberal). We put on the outfit her Grammy got her and off to church we went.

God blessed our services today. We had close to 400 people in church today. We were parking people in places we shouldn’t be parking. It was exciting to see people making decisions for Christ today. A family joined our church as well as two teenagers accepted Christ.

In regards to ministries, our choir sounded spectacular today! I love our choir! I am so glad Anabelle gets to sit and listen to the choir every week (we’re starting her off early) practice our songs. Of course, she also gets to listen to all of our mistakes but hey- she can look beyond our faults and see our need! Our classes were full today. The nurseries were packed. And probably the most exciting of all- our church plant in Oxnard, California (Horizon Baptist Church) had 103 people in attendance today. A church 7 months old running that many people? God is good!

With all the lives that God changed today, it makes me wonder, hope, and pray about Anabelle’s own salvation day. Will it be just about a few years from today that she will finally ask Jesus to come into her heart? What will that day be like? Will we get to lead her to Christ? Will her Sunday school teacher? I am not quite sure. But this one thing I know, if this Easter was great, then the day Anabelle accepts Jesus as her personal Saviour will be even better than this, regardless of how it happens!

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us…” ~ Ephesians 3:20



  1. Oh how sweet she looks! I jsut want to squeeze her. Glad you all had a great day in the Lord. Love you all especially my Little Anabelle!

  2. She looks beautiful. I think I’m going to buy some stock in “posterboard”. (I do love the way you are making signs to get your message across). Love ya, Cindy

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