On Anabelle’s third week, she has a message for her Grandparents Zarate and Weathers respectively:

Anabelle is three weeks today!! She is growing so fast. I am trying to enjoy every moment. She lost her umbilical cord early this morning. I was praising the Lord. Juan said later after he woke up that he had heard me praising the Lord in the middle of the night. She also started drinking 4 oz. bottles today.

We are so blessed to be her parents. We are enjoying being a family and serving the Lord all together.

She is more alert and awake now and we are loving every look and smile. Juan preached in church last night and he preached on “Are You Ready for a Miracle?” It was such an emotional service for us. We both cried as he shared with the our church family about our adoption process and our little miracle. I could not stop the tears as he talked about how Anabelle was given to us by our precious Lord. I was again reminded of how God worked everything out. What a precious gift our little Anabelle is to us.

Thank you again for everyone’s prayers for us. We know that all the honor and glory belong to the Lord.


  1. Well I just love my sign! And I think she was waving to Grammy and Pap! We love you little sweetie! Can’t wait to come out there! We are going to have so much fun with your little cousin Sommer! Love Grammy

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