Amy and Anabelle at Little Rock Airport. “We’re ready to go home!”

This is what our dining room table looked like when we got home. Thanks Auntie Amanda!

The weary traveler now in her own bed first night home. It was a great night!
Anabelle enjoying Mommy and Daddy’s bed. What’s with that look?

The swing that will help Mommy and Daddy accomlish things while Anabelle’s awake.

Today was the first full day Anabelle was home. Yesterday was a whirlwind as she went to church and met the many that prayed for her. It was so awesome to see the love that people already had for her. Even the children were excited as they have been praying for all of us as well.
As she sat on our bed, in her swing, on the couch, and in other various places in the house, she just looked around. Familiarizing herself with her kingdom! Amy took care of Anabelle on her own for a few hours in the morning and in the evening as I went to work.
We had some visitors come over this afternoon as families have been gracious enough to provide us with meals. Anabelle did well. She was hospitable as long as she could have been.
Right now, both Mommy and Anabelle are sleeping. I can’t tell who’s snoring. They probably both are! In just a few moments, Anabelle will be up for her last feeding of the night (Lord willing). I love being a Dad!


4 thoughts on “HOME SWEET HOME…

  1. I miss my little Anabelle and her mommy and daddy too. I just enjoyed you guys so much and now my house is so quiet! Juan thank you for all the meals you cooked! Your awesome and I’m so thankful to see you taking care, and loving your family the way God wants you to. Love you guys so much.

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