It literally took five minutes and it was over! When we heard the words, “I now pronounce you, Mom and Dad,” it was all we could do to keep the tears back. God, once again, proved Himself mighty by closing this chapter of our lives and opening a brand new one as we stood in a Saline County Courthouse in Benton, Arkansas.

At about 8:45 a.m., the bailiff cleared the court room, as he always does during closed adoption proceedings. With Amy’s family and the representatives from the Abba Adoption Agency watching, I answered questions from a lawyer regarding our desire to be the parents of Anabelle Grace. The questions ranged from our ability to provide and protect her, as well as my willingness to change dirty diapers (which has been answered a few posts back). The lawyer closed by turning to my wife and asking her if she had heard all that I have been asked and if she agrees with all my answers. She sweetly said, “Yes.”

The judge then spoke up and said, “I do have one more question.” Amy and I both held our breath as he asked, “Will this child be raised as an Arkansas Razorback fan?” Amy’s family bleed Alabama Crimson Tide. And as for me, “Go Blue” kept ringing through my mind. With God’s help I said, without completely compromising my athletic convictions, “Judge, all I can say is sooooooeeee!” To which he responded, “That’s good enough for me!”

Today is a day we will never forget. For years we have prayed for a child. The road God took us on was definitely not a conventional one. It certainly is not for the faint of heart or the weak of faith. We don’t consider ourselves superheroes or super parents (just look at the bags forming underneath our eyes) but we do know that we have an awesome, extraordinary, miracle working God! It is to Him we give all the praise! It is to Him we give all the glory! Whenever and wherever this story is spoken, may God’s goodness be seen. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


7 thoughts on “A DAY WE’LL NEVER FORGET…

  1. the Zarate family!!! the judge is sure tall! Juan sooooeeee was not quite the right answer!! LOL see you soonlovebillie

  2. Praise the Lord! As for the whole football dilemma…I have solved it… Go Colts!!! This lil girl will cheer with her Auntie Jen for Manning and Sanders…you wait and see ! 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Juan and Amy! We are truly excited for how the Lord has worked in your lives to provide one of the greatest gifts He offers.Heather and Tyler

  4. Amy…I want to cry I am so happy for you, but I can’t quit smiling. I’m so thrilled for you and thanking the Lord for blessing you with such a precious gift. I love you. Susan Eller (Crown College Bookstore/Mail lady) 🙂

  5. Good story!! But i would have to say that beeing part of the family does not make me a Alabama fan lol…….But go “USC TROJANS”………Anabelle favorite uncleLos

  6. Good morning, It was so sad this morning not giving my litle Anabelle a kiss. Tell her Grammy and Pap missses her and we love her very much. Praying for you all today, a busy day and exciting day for her to meet all the ones that have been praying for her!

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