I have heard the statement before, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” It is no secret that God orchestrated all the events that led to us receiving our precious Anabelle. Which makes it important for us to honor God as He has blessed us with our baby. One of our goals was to get Anabelle to church as quickly as possible. So this morning, we got ready and got to church in time (at least according to Homebuilders’ standard). How did she do? She slept through the whole service! We pray that God was pleased. Why would we keep our baby from the house of the God Who gave her to us?

Tonight, we all came back to church. As I preached, Amy said that she just stirred about, realizing that she was hearing her Daddy’s voice. So Amy just had to pick her up from her car seat and hold her. 

Overall, it was a good Sunday! Praise the Lord for our Anabelle and the ability to train her to know the Lord Who gave her to us. 


  1. I was always in church right away. I not only needed to be in the word, but it is a picture of our devotion to giving our kids back to the Lord…isn’t it amazing!

  2. She is sooooo cute!!! I miss her! I want to hold Princess Peanut! She’s knows her daddy’s voice already and her stirring was just her way of saying “Amen! Preach it Daddy!”

  3. The court making it all official has caused the flood gates to open again. With joyful tears, I am sooo happy for the three of you. This has been such a touching adoption to be a part of. Thanks for allowing us to share in the journey. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!Love,Dana

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