Oh, Anabelle! What’s that smell?

Just in case there are any questions or any doubts, I will be a father who honors diaper duty! With God and my wife as witnesses, there was no gag reflex, hand trembling, or any other action that would make one think I seek to shirk this paternal responsibility. 

Anabelle is eating well (takes after her Daddy)! She is perfectly healthy and we expect to go home with her sometime tomorrow. I am loving being a father. As others have said, I am “mush in her hand.” Being a Dad has caused me to reconsider my ability to love.

When I married Amy, I never thought I could love a person as much as I love her. Then God proved that with His power, it is possible. Now, with Anabelle, I found myself thinking the same thing. And once again, God has given me such a great love for my daughter. Thank God He is able to give us these blessings. 

I posted more photos in the photo gallery so be sure to click on it during this visit. Thank you again for your prayers. Also, feel free to follow us on for microblogs that’ll help keep you updated.

Mommy, Grammy, and Anabelle will all be matching (in their apparel) as they leave the hospital tomorrow. Can you say “papparazi?” 

5 thoughts on “DADDY’S DIAPER DUTY…

  1. up at 1 in the morning with my baby, watching you enjoy your don’t you think Twitter is a gift from God right about now? I am so glad to be seeing this and seeing the messages…what a blessing to meLove you both

  2. Sommer just woke up so I was showing her the new pics of Anabelle. She was so precious she said “Awwh Baby Belle”. Sorry Uncle Juan but the cousins might have their own nickname for her if they listen to Sommer’s advice;)

  3. Can I just say what a joy it is for me to be here and getting to see you all love this little precious bundle. You have prayed for this and I’m so thankful for a God to hear our prayers. She is truly a gift from God. I love you little Anabelle… God has placed you in a wonderful family and you will grow up in a home that will teach you all about His great love! I am so looking forward to spoiling you rotten. Grammy

  4. You haven’t updated your blog!!! I am expecting a pic or blog everyday at least! I am sure she is doing new things every day! Hopefully you guys are getting some rest!

  5. today is thursday, 3-19-09 2:50 p.m. arizona time and there are NO pics or updates today!!! what is going on?? we need our anabelle fix everyday!!! LOLlove you guysbillie

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