Amy’s been waiting to see this for more than 8 years.

Don’t call me Peanut! It’s Princess Peanut to you!

Go ahead… adore me!

It has been almost 24 hours since the birth of our precious miracle from above. Last night (or this morning) was a special time as we got to have our first family devotion time together as a family. I have to be honest, as I was praying I opened my eyes to see what Anabelle was doing. She would look up at me, then look at her Mommy. She sat so quietly and contently as we prayed. God is truly good! More pics up on our web gallery in a few moments.

10 thoughts on “ANABELLE ONE DAY LATER…

  1. Dear Juan & Amy,What a blessing from the Lord! She is precious. I sent your blog address to all the Kindred Hearts ladies so they could ohhh and ahhh with you. We can't wait for you to come back to Arizona so we can love on all of you, especially Annabelle!Love, Rod & Patty Meiers

  2. Wow. Praise the Lord! Us Guys at the dorm have been talking about how wonderful it is now that you have Anabelle now. And I recall back in high school, you said that whenever you had a kid, you would get a dog. So, we all wanna know what kind you’re gonna get now.

  3. The power of prayer can never be comprehended fully. God is soooo good. We will keep praying. 🙂 Blessings, Ms. Doreen

  4. She is such a cutie!! We can’t wait for you all to come home so Auntie Erica and Uncle Hector can spoil, I mean, shower her with love!!Love, Auntie Erica and Uncle Hector Orellana

  5. Thank you so much for letting me and my children be apart of Anabells birth and meeting Erin. What a blessing it has been to see how God works even in the little details. Now on a little lighter note…Must…see…Anabell…going…through…withdrawls. She is just changing to fast she already looks completely different then Monday. Love you guys, Aunt Gigi & the Galan bunch=)

  6. Dear Amy and Juan,We want to congratulate you both and tell you how happy we are for you. Anabelle is beautiful! Joshua is here with me looking at the pictures. He said, “Oh, look at the baby girl! When we go to their house, I will say, ‘Hi, Anabelle!'”Love, Chris, Elizabeth, Joshua, Ashley and David

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