The first time Amy held Anabelle. 

No pictures please!

Our little bundle of joy!

Thank you, Lord. For this child we prayed and God has heard our cry.

Anabelle Grace Zarate was born at 12:53 p.m. She weighed in at 6 lbs. and 9 oz. She measured 20 1/4 in. long. Thank you for your prayers. More pics up in the next few days. 

21 thoughts on “HERE’S ANABELLE…

  1. SO happy for the 3 of you! We adopted our little joy 5 years ago (from Korea – Chae Faith Kelsey). How exciting!Love,Trisha (Nunamaker) KelseyAmy’s Crown College Roomate

  2. Praise the LORD! She is wonderful! I just loved the first pictures! God’s always listening to our prayers! What a blessing to see them answered in HIS timing! How on to that little bundle of JOY! I can’t wait to hold her and meet her!!!! Sending love and prayers from MA to you all! See you soon!Love and prayers, Chrissy, Dave and David Garcia

  3. My heart just lept out of my chest. I am sitting here crying…calling people…telling them to look at your precious faces seeing your daughter for the first time! I love her so much with you!

  4. Congratuations to you both. Our whole family has been praying for a safe delivery. Now the fun truly begins!!Love,Espinoza Family

  5. Congratulations! I am sitting here crying looking at the beautiful pictures. Enjoy every second of parenthood.

  6. Congrats, Amy… You look so happy! I didn’t even know you were adopting. Tammy told us on facebook! How wonderful! Enjoy… she looks precious.Erica Shelton

  7. Amy and Juan I am so proud for ya’ll. You are truly blessed! I thank God for giving you two the most precious reason to wake up and go in the morning…and and night…:-)

  8. Congratulations, Amy & Juan!! We are sooo happy for you. Thank you for allowing us to share in this joy! God has truly blessed you! There is nothing more satisfying than parenthood!!Rob & Susan (Phillips) Dodson(Amy's classmate at Ft. Waltn Christian School – Elementary!!)

  9. Congratulations, dear ones…and congratulations to your beautiful daughter for finding her forever mommy and daddy (as well as for having a brave birth mother who wanted the best for this beautiful little miracle)! You are a sweet, sweet family…Miss Annabelle is a happy and precious answer to eight years of prayer! YAY, God!!!!! 😀 Love, The Novacs

  10. Juan and Amy,Words can not express how excited we are for you. We thank the Lord for this addition to not only your family, but our church family.Know that we are rejoicing with you, and can not wait to be able to welcome Anabelle Grace home!Love,The Kamps

  11. Pastor Juan & Amy,I find myself checking on your blog for updates ALL the time. We feel so apart of this even from miles away in AZ. Caleb and I looked at every picture you posted in the gallery. I am jealous of that hair!!!!!Anabelle's church family is waiting with open arms.Love,Dana, James, Caleb & Halley Craddock

  12. Pastor Juan and Amy,We are so incredibly happy for you! Anabelle is beautiful, we’re always anxious for Sunday mornings, but even more for this Sunday. Love,Steve,Andrea,and kids Preston 🙂

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