Today, Amy and I jumped over our final major hurdle. Our home study was conducted by a social worker and from her words, “We’re all ready to go!” Therefore, in approximately 157 hours, our precious Anabelle will be placed in our loving arms. We are so excited about this, especially after what we were told last week.

As you remember, one of the final tasks on our end was having a home study conducted. We were ready for it when our agency got a call from a local agency here in Phoenix. According to the local agency, they did not have enough manpower to expedite a home study. I quickly prayed and asked the Lord to please provide a way. Have you ever tried to “help” God along (first mistake)?

I felt led to go online and reasearch agencies that expedite home studies. All the while, Kandi said she will be taking care of it, assuring me that she is doing her best to make sure we do not fall behind schedule. At this point, the scenario was for us to be in Arkansas for the birth but we would not be able to take Anabelle home. Being the “problem solver” that I am, I decided to contact an agency that advertised one of these expedited home studies.

I felt pretty proud of myself (there goes my second mistake), having found this agency and connecting them with our adoption agency. At this point, it seemed as if everything was back on schedule. Amy and I took our students to Lancaster, California for a Fine Arts Competition, thinking that everything is being handled- until I got a phone call from the local agency’s case worker.

She informed me that because of everything being dropped, it was going to put our schedule back a few weeks. Six to eight weeks to be exact! They suggested that Anabelle be first put into a foster home while we wait around in Arkansas for all of our paperwork and background checks to clear in Arizona. At this point, I wanted to be mad but somehow I was reminded (by the Holy Spirit) that this was my doing. So instead of getting mad, I just replied, “If that’s how long it takes, that’s how long it takes.” I hung up and simply prayed. The agency worker did say they would grant us temporary guardianship but we could not leave the state for two months. Others were thinking I would have to fly back and forth. In my mind was the phrase “God-given duties never conflict.” The verse “The gifts and callings of God are without repentance” echoed repeatedly in my heart. There was no way God would have to make me choose between two gifts, two callings He has placed in my life! After all, the Bible declares, “Faithful is He who calleth you who also will do it.”

After a while, I called Kandi and asked her if this had to be the case. She informed me that she did not feel comfortable with the agency because of all they were asking us to do. In an adoption process (at least domestically), you are to follow the adoption laws of the state you are adopting from. The local agency, however, was making us abide by the adoption laws of Arizona, which was conflicting with Arkansas law. After consulting with attorneys and other agencies, we decided to find another local agency that would work with us.

God then led us to another local agency who understood the urgency of our situation. We had our home study conducted and we leaped over our final major hurdle by God’s grace. And with that a simple lesson was learned. God does not need my help to accomplish a miracle. What did preachers used to say, “Let go and let God!” God has been for us all along and in a moment of weakness, I forgot. But praise God, He forgives and allows His perfect will to be accomplished even though we try to mess it up.

I also learned that God is not going to make you choose between two best things, or shall I say two blessings, especially when the gift is from Him. Why would He tempt us? He doesn’t.

Finally, I was reminded that there are people like you who pray for us on a daily basis. And even though I had a momentary lapse of judgment, you are still interceding for us. Which motivates me to be more fervent in my prayers for you. You never know what’s going on at any moment with those we pray for. Therefore, we must pray for others especially when the Holy Spirit prompts us. So allow me to thank you for praying for us. You are partakers in this, our beautiful blessing, and we are forever grateful. Stay posted as we get closer to the miraculous birth of Anabelle Grace Zarate.

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