This past weekend, our church had its annual couples’ retreat in Payson, Arizona. It was a very rewarding time for Amy and I as we spent time with some couples from our church, as well as hear one of our most favorite preachers speak, Dr. Mark Rasmussen. Dr. R (as we have so affectionately learned to call him) was so gracious to come along with his wife for the weekend and help us in our marriages. I highly recommend him for a couples’ retreat in your ministry if you ever get the chance to host one. God will use this couple to revive your marriage!

As Amy and I listened to the sessions, we willingly and unashamedly renewed and revived our love one for another. We were not having problems with our marriage, nor did we feel it weakened. But Satan is walking about as a roaring lion and I have no doubt in my mind that he seeks to destroy our marriage. Therefore, I did what any wise Christian would do, seek for help in building the hedge of protection higher!

The retreat was not cheap but I believe that we invested in our marriage over the weekend and as a result provided a gift for our Anabelle. Statistics show us that only 27% of homes are consisted of a husband and a wife from the first marriage, with the child (or children) being both theirs. This is not meant to cast judgment on others. That is certainly not my place. But as for me and my house, our prayer is that we will serve and follow the Lord.

Amy and I have long decided and continue to decide that Anabelle (and all of her siblings) will grow up with the same Mommy and Daddy. We seek to, with God’s help, provide a stable and joyful home for our children. Our gift, a committed relationship with God and with each other.

Someone said it this way, “Commitment means not giving yourself an option to quit!” I wonder what our children would be like if moms and dads decided to be commited to God and to each other? Defintely something to think about.


4 thoughts on “A GIFT FOR ANABELLE…

  1. Great post about marriage. And I am sooo excited for you guys. Emily and I both LOVE the name Annabelle and I know she will grow up in a great, godly home! πŸ™‚

  2. Great post about marriage. And I am sooo excited for you guys. Emily and I both LOVE the name Annabelle and I know she will grow up in a great, godly home! πŸ™‚

  3. Juan and Amy, We just wanted to let you know how very excited we are for this new precious baby girl that will be joining your family soon. So many people say that “having a baby changes everything”–and it does!–but it can be a wonderful change for your marriage/family if you embrace it and enjoy it….as we know you both will. God has used each one of our children to strengthen our marriage and grow us in new ways. Congratulations and please know that the Bergey family is rejoicing in the Lord with you!!Brent and Selina

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