Allow me to apologize for not updating the blog sooner. Waiting through the Christmas season was very difficult. I’m just not one for placing negative thoughts on our blog. There are enough problems to go around and there is no need for us to add to the discouragement others may be facing. But as the Psalmist would say, “Selah,” here’s the key change!
Upon returning from our school’s senior trip, I got a phone call from our agency last Friday. The first phone call I received came right after lunch. I was told that Jennifer, the birth mom with whom we had conference call, chose another couple. Kandi (our case worker) told us however that they are actively showing our profile around. We spoke about our home study process (which should begin in a week) and another birth mom that showed interest in Amy and I. 
Amy was working with our speech students and I was never able to tell her that we were not chosen by Jennifer. As we were talking to our friends after school, my phone rang again. It was Kandi asking if I had a few moments. In my mind I answered, “Is the pope catholic?” Of course I have time! She then said, “You’ve got a match! You’ve been chosen by a birth mom.”
Tears began to flow as I spoke to her about the details of this match. We have always believed that when all is said and done, the story of this adoption would be a miraculous and glorious testimony to the power of God. Let me tell you the story.
The birth mom, Erin, was driving to an abortion clinic one day after saving money for the procedure. On her way, she was pulled over by a police officer. I’m not sure what happened but it warranted her going to jail. When the bail was set, it was about the same amount as the money she had saved for an abortion. Erin bailed herself out and was now broke and unable to have an abortion. 
Somehow she made her way to the Hannah Home, a Christ-centered place for troubled ladies and victims of domestic violence. While there she has been receiving help and counseling. She then was saved and decided that she wanted her baby to grow up in a Christian home. Erin came across our profile and chose us!
We have never talked to her but she did request a conference call next week because she wants to talk to us and assure us that she will give us her baby. What a miracle!
In all this, we are reminded of how much control God really has. Here are the few things we have considered:
1. There are free abortion clinics all around the country.
2. She could have ended up in a non-religious home.
3. When we chose names almost a year ago, Amy and I chose the name Anabelle Grace- how appropriate!
4. She is due on March 20, which allows us to accomplish some major ministry commitments before we pick up our baby.
Time does not permit to tell all the miracles God has showered upon us. Maybe I’ll write a book someday 🙂 Nevertheless, as the songwriter said, “It is no secret what God can do!”
Thank you for your prayers. Stay tuned because it’s going to pick up from here. Again, if you would like to be added to our email list, please let us know.


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