I love this time of the year! From ice skating field trips, Christmas musicals, and parties, it definitely is a busy but very happy time of the year. For weeks, Amy and I have not stopped laughing simply because of the opportunities we have had to fellowship with others.

We are so thankful to be surrounded by friends that enrich our lives. These same people pray for us and help us prepare for the new adventures we are about to experience. We truly are blessed!

The busy schedule helps us in this “waiting” period. God is continuing to work on our behalf. Paperwork continues to be filled. We are simply praying to hear something in a few days. Here are some specific requests:

1. Pray for my pulmonologist appointment on Monday, December 22nd. I tested positive for TB, mainly because I have been exposed to the disease as I grew up in the Philippines. Praise the Lord, I do not have TB! The appointment will simply confirm this fact.

2. Pray for the birth mom that she will make a match soon, whether it be us or someone else.

3. Pray for us as we prepare the baby room during the Christmas break.

4. Pray for our ministries as we prepare for our leave as we pick up our baby.

5. Pray for God’s perfect will in this adoption process.

Thanks again for all your prayers. If you would like to be added to our email update list, please let me know.

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