One of the ministries that is near and dear to our hearts is the bus ministry. Amy and I have served in the bus ministry both as teenagers and college students. It’s one of those ministries that yields fruit on a frequent basis.

Over a year ago, our church started running a bus route. It made Amy and I reminisce of our times in the bus ministry. The many hours of door knocking, playing with the kids, picking them up on the bus, singing those bus songs, and seeing their lives, as well as their family’s lives changed by the Word of God. And though it pains us not to be able to serve in this ministry because of our other ministry obligations, we definitely partner with our bus captains and workers in prayer.

As I have watched these children come in the past few weeks, I cannot help but think of the day my children will be sitting next to them (with which I have no problem). They’ll attend Sunday school and junior church together. They’ll grow up together in church, encourage one another, and pray for each other. What a day that will be!

On Sunday night, we still run our bus and pick up the same kids that came in the morning. They love church! They love sitting on the front row and hear our Pastor preach. The past few weeks, we have had a few of them accept the Lord as their Saviour and they have been bringing their friends and family to church. And it’s not enough for them to see these others come to church with them, they want to make sure they’re saved.

During the invitation, I saw a few of them talk to their visiting friends and ask them if they’re saved. I can see their friends shake their head and what happened next was precious. This young lady took the hand of her friend and gently lead her to the front where she can talk to a pastor and ask how to be saved. Wow! The thoughts on most adults minds during the invitation is, “I wonder where we should eat lunch!”

Amy had the privilege tonight of leading one of these young ladies to the Lord. Her friend who got saved last week was so excited! I believe the God saw that and was pleased.

I am thankful to have a wife who loves children and knows how to talk to children about salvation. What God allowed Amy to do tonight gave me a glimpse of what can happen to our children a few years down the road. We may not be the ones to lead them to Christ but I pray that as we are faithful to lead other children to Christ, God will see fit to send someone (if not us) to lead our own children to the saving knowledge of His Son.

Watching these kids makes me think of my own someday, not just as infants, but as souls that need the Lord. There is nothing more precious that knowing that your whole family will be together in Heaven forever!


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