Happy Birthday, Juan!

Today was my Honey’s birthday. I am so thankful that God gave him to me. I prayed for my husband while I was growing up. I remember asking God if He could give me a man who was: a leader, a singer, a preacher, a godly man who loved the Lord, and a good looking man. God gave me all of that plus more in my wonderful husband.

God gave me a man who is passionate about serving the Lord and leading his family in the Lord. God gave me a man who not only sings but loves listening to good Christian music. God gave me a great preacher who loves preaching not only with words but also with his life. God gave me a man who leads our family by following the Lord. God gave me a handsome man who loves me and loves the way God made me. I am in awe of all God’s blessing in my life.

Then as if God said, “That’s not all. I am going to let you have the wonderful privilege of raising a child with this man I created for you!” I am so excited to see Juan as a Daddy. He is going to be a loving, and patient father.

I just wanted everyone to know how much I love and respect my husband. The Lord has truly blessed me. I feel undeserving of such blessings. Juan is a walking example of how prayer works and how God always seems to bless us in spite of ourselves.

Honey, Happy Birthday! May the Lord continue to bless you this year, as you continue to serve and love Him. I love you with all my heart!! Thank you for loving me and leading me!


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