As Amy and I prayed about entering into the adoption experience, we prayed, prepared, and sought the counsel of our pastor as well as the many couples God has brought into our lives that have adopted.Though adoption may be different than a natural birth process, one common advice was given by the many who have prayed with us and counseled us: “Don’t allow anyone to take the joy away from you just because you’re adopting.” I didn’t quite understand this until I heard the story of one adoptive parent.

As the couple was excited about God blessing them with a child, they eagerly shared the news with their church. Many rejoiced and were sincerely happy for them. A pregnant lady came up to the adoptive mother and said, “I’m so happy for you. Aren’t you glad that you’re doing it the easy way?”

Ouch! Talk about taking the wind out of your sails. Of course, in a church setting, we smile and say, “Yes” or “Bless your heart.” We try not to show how hurtful that comment can be. Honestly, some people just don’t know any better and it doesn’t matter anyway. When God decides to bless a couple with a child, He’ll do it in the manner He sees fit. And for the rest of us that heavily desire a child, we’ll take one, two, or as many as God decides to bless us with.

May I encourage you today to watch what you say around people who are expecting a baby, whether by pregnancy or adoption? Children are a gift from God! This Christmas season, we will be receiving gifts from friends and loved ones. Our natural response will be to simply say, “thank you.” We don’t question where they got it or how they paid for it. We are just grateful that someone took the time to remember us this Christmas.

When you find that someone is expecting a child, just be thankful! You never know, when your turn comes, you will certainly want others to be thankful and happy for you.


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