The Lord has done much to prepare us for the adoption process. Amy and I have learned (through research, counsel, and other people’s experience) that this adventure will be an emotional roller coaster. This is one area in which we desperately covet your prayers.

First of all, the adoption process involves a lot of waiting. Unlike expecting a child by pregnancy, the time frame for adoption can vary. It can take place as soon as an hour or as long as a few years. I have found myself dreaming about being a dad each night and to be honest, I’m getting nervous! While most fathers can expect to prepare for at least nine months, I may have two months or two years. We fill out paperwork, write out profiles, make scrapbooks only to find ourselves at the mercy of complete strangers. Truly, the “wait” verses in the Bible have taken on a new personal meaning for us. By the way, study the word “wait” in the Bible and you will be amazed at how God can transform your life.

Second of all, continue to pray for our preparation. As I write this post, Amy is working on our photo scrapbook which will be presented to the birth moms. While she labors in her craft room (which will soon become the guest room because the guest room will be the baby room), I am moving some furniture out of our bedroom to make room for her craft items. Ready or not, the baby will be here and we obviously cannot just stick him/her in the craft room or guest room. After moving Amy’s items into our master suite (where we will share an office), we will work hard at getting the baby room ready. The color is already set (praise the Lord I don’t have to paint), and we simply need to move the guest room furniture to the other room. As you can tell, many days off will be spent, between now and our baby’s arrival, preparing the room.

Third of all, we are preparing for a home study. This is the part of the process where a social worker comes into your home to determine if you (as people) and your home are fit for children. Pray for this part of the process to go well and quickly.

Last of all, pray specifically for a birth match. We found out today that the teenage mom we had originally been told of has become hesitant to put her baby up for adoption. This is one of those big risks you take when you decide to adopt and we believe that the Lord has prepared us for this many years ago. There is a chance you can get attached to a child and lose it, just like when a woman has a miscarriage (both of which we have now experienced). We are in no way bitter about what has taken place because we have always prayed that God will lead in the way He sees fit. It is He that will bless us with a child! Please do not sorrow for us. We are perfectly content with this and I’ll tell you why in the moment. We do ask that you continue to pray for this young lady and her baby.

Before hanging up, our agency contact Kandi shared with us some encouraging news. Though Ashley could not match with us, two other birth moms have become available. As we filled out our adoption agency paperwork, we were asked specifically what ethnicity we were willing to adopt and if we were interested in biracial babies. We simply checked all the boxes- we just want a baby! Because these two birth moms will give birth to biracial babies, not too many clients are willing to match with these moms. Which is fine by us! So pray for these two young ladies. One more interesting note, one of the moms may be having twins! We’ll take two, please! God is so good!

A few days ago, we were in contact with one birth mom with one baby. Today, we are in contact with two birth moms and possibly three babies- God keeps sweetening the deal! We are convinced that when this whole story is over, it will be absolutely and miraculously perfect. Maybe I’ll write a book about it (in my spare time 🙂 ) As I have told people today, God closed one door only to open two more doors. What a mighty God we serve!

It’s starting to get exciting so keep checking back for updates, not to pat ourselves on the back and brag about how good we have it. But rather, to show the world that there is a God who hears and answers the prayers of His people! And if it all these next posts do is encourage you, then the purpose has been fulfilled. 


  1. We are lifting you up in prayer everyday! We love you both and know that we serve a MIGHTY God!!!! He is faithful!!!! Can’t wait to hear more!!!!

  2. Little David said a prayer for you both tonight before bed. What a blessing it was to hear him pray for so many people and their needs… Children are amazing and a BLESSING! I just wanted to share this with you both!!!! Love in Christ, Chrissy Garcia

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