Since our last post, God has continued to work on our behalf. Amy and I are so excited to be parents. Much of the gratitude must be given to those of you who have children. You have shown us that having children is not a burden but a blessing. We are eagerly anticipating God’s blessings in this process.

As of today, these things have taken place. The birth mom has seen our profile. We needed to write down information about ourselves from childhood until today. Between Amy and I, we came up with approximately 18 pages. We placed some pictures in the file of us, our family, and our ministry. Please pray that the birth mom (if she is the one God has for us) will feel connected with us. Pray that she would see us us fitting parents for her baby.

Another blessing happened today. The money for the adoption agency has been fully paid! This was one of the many miracles God has performed for us. We are in awe of His goodness! God is so good!

Finally, pray for us. I know that waiting for a baby when your pregnant can seem forever. With adoption, though many emotions may be the same, the uncertainty of when can make the wait even longer. Pray that Amy and I will stay focused on what God has called us to do. It is not our desire to sacrifice our service for God for the sake of a child. We believe that having a child only further enhances our ministry. But for the meanwhile, the wait can have its effects. We are still serving, and will continue to do so. The last thing we want to do is to use the very blessing God bestows upon us as an excuse to halfheartedly serve Him.

By the way, the boy’s name (should God see this birth mom as His will for us)- Julian Paul, named after our grandfathers on our fathers’ sides. You don’t even want to know what names we’ve batted around (initials would have been, Z.Z.Z.) 🙂


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