Amy and I have been married for over 8 years. We have experienced the mountaintops and have sorrowed through the valleys. Through it all, one thing is certain- God is good! Even though we can be so undeserving, the mercy and grace of God supersedes my abilities or lack thereof.

I know that we have not posted anything new recently. God has been working on our behalf and much has taken place. No blog or book can contain all that God has done but I do want everyone to know and pray about this: Amy and I have entered into the adoption process!

God has miraculously opened doors and provided opportunities for us in this area. We are thrilled to move forward and take a step closer towards becoming parents. I promise that someday we will share the whole story but God is not quite finished yet.

We will use this site to update you on how the process is progressing. I will say this, in less than two weeks time, God provided in full all the monies we need for the adoption. Praise the Lord!

Keep checking in to find out what God has done. Our purpose is not to bring glory to ourselves. We certainly don’t want you to think highly of us. Our goal- for all the world to know that there is a God in Heaven Who loves us and seeks to provide for the needs of His children.

We’ll keep you all posted…


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