As the kids says these days, “What up, dog?”

The other morning as Amy and I were preparing to go into work, we had an unexpected visitor. As is customary in Arizona during the summer months, you open the garage door so that you can cool your car by turning it on. After doing this, I ran back in the house where it was considerably cooler.

After helping Amy get some items in the house, I stepped back out the garage when lo and behold, a male boxer was in our garage. He appeared harmless but I wasn’t ready to be friendly back. After all, I am an Asian and dogs know (at least in our part of the world) who is on the top of the food chain.

As I opened my car door, this dog decides to jump in our car! He sat on the passenger seat and looked straight ahead. Amy came out and asked me what I was doing. I said, “There’s a dog in our car!” I must joke around a lot seeing she did not believe me at first.

Finally she saw him. Let me interject right here, this was not a sign from God that we should get a dog for the house. I opened the passenger door to let the dog out but instead it jumped over to the driver seat. So, I went to the driver side and opened that door and, you guessed it- he jumped back to the other side.

I went back and forth a few times until I finally just grabbed its collar and pulled him out of the car. Even then he wouldn’t leave our garage. He went to my window and looked at me with the most pitiful look a dog could ever give. Eventually, a neighbor came home and I passed the dog along to him. No, it wasn’t his dog either!

I thought about that dog, not because I want to have one. By the way, the dog belonged to our next door neighbor whose home is a foster home for dogs. Interesting… anyhow, it made me think of the times we have had people come into our lives.

There are times when it seems people get attached and even at times get annoying. They enjoy (or at least seem to enjoy) being around us and yet our actions and attitudes do not reciprocate a similar desire for fellowship. We do all that we can to avoid them and turn them away. I wonder, how many times we have missed an opportunity to serve the Lord because we were too wrapped up in our comforts. I wonder how many times we have missed the privilege of witnessing because these people are not of the same stripe.

I pray that I would see people as Jesus sees them- souls headed for an eternal Heaven or an eternal Hell. Would you just simply ask the Lord to make you more soul conscious? Ask Him to give you the wisdom and discernment needed when certain opportunities arise to serve and witness.

Think about this: Jesus’ last prayer was for the forgiveness of souls, His last act was the saving of a soul, and His last command was for us to reach souls. I would dare say that soul winning is the main thing!

As Paul said in Philippians 3, “Beware of dogs…”


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