Can you tell these two are used to the camera?

On Monday, we had the opportunity to spend time with two girls that are near and dear to our hearts- Cailyn and Makynna! These girls have been like our own daughters and we cherish every moment we can spend with them.

As most of you know, our good friends Brian and Anna together with the girls, were called of the Lord to establish a church in Oxnard, California. We are so excited about how God has already worked to lay the groundwork for His church and we are eagerly anticipating what He will continue to do. I ask you to please pray for this family. I know that God will use them in a mighty way! We have their website linked to ours, just click on the side bar, Horizon Baptist Church. Please visit it so that you can know how to more specifically pray for the work of God.

Well, spending time with the girls is more than just sitting around. It has to be fun! So where do most kids want to eat lunch? Chuck E. Cheese! We had pizza, both for lunch and dessert! Yummy! Then the girls played games, got tickets, and went home with huge suckers (not us, but the ones on a stick).

We love this family. We love these girls. It hurts a little bit to even write about this because I know that we don’t just get to see Brian, Anna, Cailyn, and Makynna any time. However, we are certain of God’s will for their lives and are thankful for the small part that we have had in their lives.

Let me urge you to please add this family to your personal prayer list. If you are in ministry, would you consider supporting this work? We must all pray. We must all give. But we can’t all go but we can give to those that do go.

I’m not quite sure if she’s enjoying this.

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