Before leaving Big Bear, we had brunch at the Stillwell’s Restaurant.
All good things must come to an end! This mini-vacation was much needed (though we often denied it) and came at the perfect time. It has been a very busy, but rewarding first six months of ministry this year and it was imperative that Amy and I have some alone time. But now, we have come to the end of this vacation and it was time to switch back to ministry mode, even though part of the vacation was spent planning and envisioning different aspects and goals for our ministry.

We had brunch at the Stillwell’s Restaurant. It was late morning so to honor the “breakfast side” I had some bacon, sausage, and eggs. I really focused on the shepherd’s pie, the vegetable lasagna, and desserts! What a meal.

After brunch, we headed down to Lancaster for the Leadership Conference. This is a meeting we look forward to every year for a many reasons but the most important reason, the work God will do in our hearts!

Did I mention that we (Amy) slept in everyday?

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