I know! She’s eating again!

After a ruthless match of Rummy-O the night before, we ate breakfast in the room and just lounged around until the mid-afternoon. We then picked up some KFC and had a picnic by the lake.

Our afternoon was spent going on a Big Bear Lake cruise on the Miss Liberty. It was cool to learn about the history of the lake and the celebrities who live there such as Mel Blanc (the creator and voice of Bugs Bunny), Al from Home Improvement, Bugsy Seagal, Roy Rogers, etc. While on the boat, we had hot chocolate and just took in the pretty scenery.

The cruise was cut short because of lightning and thunder. So afterwards, we took a drive around the lake again. We also checked out some campsites for future vacations (and blogging adventures). We then went back to the cabin and played some more Rummy-O. 

After a few hands, I started dinner by getting the grill ready. Though it just rained, I was determined to get the steaks on the grill. They have been marinating for 24 hours and I was ready to have some steak.

After trying for about 45 minutes to get the coals hot enough, I called it quits! I told Amy, “Get dressed. We’re going out to eat!” So we headed to the only restaurant that had lakeside eating- B’s Backyard BBQ! There I experienced BBQ nirvana. I’m glad the grill didn’t work.

We went back to the cottage to play Rummy-O again. This time Amy won. This was our last night at Big Bear Lake.

Good Big Bear BBQ!

Man make fire.

Amy and I on the Miss Liberty.

This is a picture on the run because it was raining.

Miss Liberty is the biggest boat on Big Bear Lake (and the only one with restrooms on board).

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