The graceful Amy Zarate unsuccessfully sitting on a rock!

After sleeping in and eating breakfast in our cottage, we watched a movie from our in-room hot tub. That was very relaxing. 

Then we went to the Village at Big Bear. We were going to walk around and just do a little shopping. But first things first- we had to eat lunch! After walking all over the village, we decided on a Mexican restaurant called El Jacalito. The food was awesome!

Praise the Lord we were able to walk off the food while shopping. There were so many different bookstores that sold vintage books. I think we went into every single one. There was a store called Stupidiotic. It was filled with funny gadgets.

After walking around the Village, we went for a drive around the lake. We stopped by a pier and took some pictures. After taking pictures, we went to Starbucks to grab some hot chocolate and coffee. Then we went to watch the sunset by the lake.

Still full from lunch, we decided to go back to the cottage and play games. We played Rummy-O for the next few hours. You’ll have to ask Amy who won (me)!

Can you guess why we took this picture?

A beautiful backdrop for a beautiful lady.

Happy together at the lake.

Making sure Amy does not fall into the lake.

What a cutie!

Amy enjoying a chip at El Jacalito.

You can’t go wrong with Mexican food.

Oh yeah, it was good!

That looks like one happy woman who just ate a good meal.

For dessert, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

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