The Sleepy Forrest Cottage we stayed in for the weekend.

A few days before our whole staff went to Lancaster Baptist Church’s Leadership Conference, Amy and I took a few days of vacation. I booked a cottage just two hours from Lancaster at Big Bear Lake. Big Bear Lake is the second largest man-made lake in California and has been the backdrop for many different movies and TV shows (Parent Trap, Bonanza, Lassie, etc.). The most important reason we decided on Big Bear Lake, cooler weather!

Situated at almost 7,000 feet above sea level, the weather was nice and cool. As soon as we got to a few thousand feet, we rolled down the windows and enjoyed the clean, crisp mountain air. It is amazing that in just a few hours, we found ourselves in the midst of pine trees.

We had reservations at the Sleepy Forest Cottages. The cottage had a fireplace and hot tub in it. It was a nice room. After getting some items for the room and eating dinner at a chinese restaurant, we spent the whole night watching movies. 

Here’s the place we stayed at, emphasis on the IN-ROOM HOT SPA.

Road construction stoppages are great photo opportunities!

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