The fourth of July and food just go hand in hand.
This is the first time in a while that Amy and I have been home for July 4th. This is usually the time we go on vacation because it coincides with our vacation as well as our trip to Lancaster’s Leadership Conference. So we take the weeks between VBS and the conference to get our vacation in. Because after the conference, it’s all about school!

So, for the fourth of July this year, we went to one of our church family’s home, the Barich’s. There must have been at least over 40 people at their house! We could’ve sung some hymns and passed around the offering plate!

The food was fantastic. I’m glad I didn’t wear a belt to this event. There was brisket, pulled pork, hotdogs, potato and macaroni salad, potato casserole, pansit (Filipino noodles), cornbread, baked beans, chips, cake, brownies, cookies- that’s enough! I’m getting hungry all over again!

We had a great time fellowshipping with church family. Then at about 9:30, we walked down to the greenbelt by their house to watch a fireworks show that’s being performed about two miles from where we were. So we set out our lawn chairs and waited. And waited. And waited.

There were rogue performers all around us (it is illegal for residents to have fireworks in Arizona) but the real show has not yet begun. Finally, we heard a loud noise. It was coming from another fireworks show on the opposite side of town. And finally, the Fireworks at Tumbleweed Park (no joke, that’s the name of the park) began. For the next thirty to forty minutes, we watched a nice fireworks display. I even downloaded Stars and Stripes Forever on my phone for our listening pleasure. And then it was over.

Every time the fireworks are done, Amy always has this sad look of “The fireworks are over.” She has done this since our honeymoon. So I would have to find a way to cheer her up. After the fireworks, we went to get a chocolate cream pie shake (and onion rings to take off the sweet taste out of her mouth).

No matter where we are for the fourth, we always have a great time. Why? Because we love being together, with or without other people. Amy and I can function in either atmosphere and enjoy it just the same. It is sad when some couples need buffers so that they can act civil with each other. This certainly is not God’s plan. Cherish every moment you have with your spouse, both in public and in private, because you never know when it is going to be your last.

Amy and Baby Halley.

I’m downloading patriotic music for the fireworks. (I’n not working)

The fourth of July always reminds us of our honeymoon.


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