It’s the final day of our vacation and I am “tuckered out” (that’s tired for all of you non-southerners). We have had such a great time. We got to see more family for the graduation- Uncle Randy, Aunt Gina, and Aunt Beth has all moved back to Arkansas; Grandmother, Aunt Tish, Lisa and her kids all drove up from Alabama; and Cody’s girlfriend, Elizabeth (she’s family, I mean, she’s been with us and seen us in “rare form” and she’s still around).

We have played games, talked, laughed, shopped, and so much more. You never want moments like these to end and eventually it won’t when we get to Heaven. But for now, we must all accept the fact that we must part ways.

So Amy and I got up and decided to spend the morning shopping with the family. Cody and I ran to Walmart and got the many photos that had been taken put on CD’s while the ladies went to Cato’s. I did not know that they could stay in their for a few hours! Cody and I got back and they were still shopping.

After shopping, we went and had a late lunch with the family at the Golden Corral. As usual, I ate too much. Then we all had to say our goodbyes and head to the airport. This is where it gets interesting!

We get to the airport with plenty of time and actually sat with Dad, Mom, and Grandmother talking until the very last moment. When we got through security, we sat down right by our gate. It was weird because we were supposed to be on Flight 3358 but the board showed that Flight 3538 was delayed almost to the time of our departure. I thought to myself, surely they did not have a typo on the board or my ticket.
We sat and waited until the gate attendant sounded panicked. She said that if some people don’t get on the plane now, they will miss their connecting flights in Dallas. That was us! In my mind, we should be boarding now. As I walked up the counter, the lady told me, “Sir, this is not your flight. You’re on the next flight, 3358. This is 3538.” I thought to myself, “Oh, yeah, that’s not confusing!”
I asked her what time the next flight was leaving. She informs me that it’s going to be about 1 hour late. I asked her what time that would get to Dallas for our connecting flight. The answer was not good. They offered to give us a complimentary hotel room in Dallas. We opted to fly out the next day instead because of all the additional costs we would have incurred.
So we called Dad to pick us up and to our understanding, it seemed as if people were praying for this to happen. Thank you, my family! So we went back home, went bowling, and made more memories together. Our vacation was extended for a few more hours. I wish I could say the adventure ended here.
The next day we got up and went throught the same routine. We got to the airport early, checked in, and waited at the gate. There was no was I could miss this flight. As much as we would like to stay longer, ministry calls with our Vacation Bible School starting on Monday. I hate traveling on a Sunday but we had to make it home.
We were supposed to have a layover in Dallas for 1 hour, which gives us just enough time to get from our arriving gate to our departing gate. That’s fine. I figured I needed the exercise! Sitting within a few steps of our departing gate in Littlerock, I read the board and it said, “Flight _____ departing 12:10 p.m. now departing 1 p.m.” You’ve got to be kidding me! We’re going to miss our connecting to Phoenix and I’ll never see Arizona again!
I walked up to the agent and asked if we would make the connecting or do we need to take a later connecting flight. She said, “You should make it if you hurry!” Friends, that’s what we call stellar customer service!
We got to Dallas, hopped of the plane, ran to another terminal and as we got there- you guessed it- delayed for an hour! This time we were relieved because then we could relax a little and have a little lunch. We finally got on the plane and we’re heading home- not so fast, my friend!
We sat on the tarmac for another hour because a light bulb went out on the planes wings. They couldn’t find anyone to replace it. I almost hopped up and volunteered! So now the joke is, “How many Texans does it take to change a light bulb?”
We finally landed in Phoenix, 20 hours later! Our friend Amanda left our car at the airport (that was another adventure in itself) and we finally made it home to a house where the airconditioning wasn’t working. Oh, joy!
We felt like those people in those CHristmas movies, “Are we ever going to make it home for Christmas?” But we made it. Lessons learned:
1. Always take the first flight out
2. Always take a direct flight
3. Always be un-American when choosing an airline company

2 thoughts on “ARKANSAS VACATION, DAY 6…

  1. Hi guys! I found your website awhile back and had to pop in and say hi. I really enjoy reading about your “boring” lives. haha.Oh yeah, I’ll try not to take offense to the Texans and light bulb issue…:) Also, congrats on the new house!Judy Witt

  2. Juan and Amy, I love reading your blog. I could not make it to Uncle Felix’s graduation so I really appreciate the pictures and detailed information. I know Grandmother Overton was really glad to see you two – she kept saying, “I just hope I’m well enough to go – I want to see Amy and Juan”. I’m glad she got to go.Sommer has grown and is still beautiful as ever. Thanks again for all the pictures. Also, congratulations on the new house. Ain’t God good !! (that’s about as southern as you can get). Love you, Cindy and Nick

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