Amy and her Daddy on graduation day.
We have finally come to the real reason we came home to Arkansas- Dad’s graduation. It took him many years but he finally finished. One word describes that kind of effort- persistence! It is a quality that most people lack today. When faced with hardships, it sure is easier to quit but the rewards of finishing far outweigh the consequences of giving up.

It was neat to see the excitement on Dad’s eyes as we walked into the auditorium he was graduating from. Both Amy and I know the feeling and it is a God-given feeling, knowing that it is He that has brought you through the some of the toughest four years (and for some, like Dad, a little bit longer) of your life.

I know this, when my children grow up I can tell them, “You have no choice, both your grandfathers are college graduates and you will be, too!” 

A very seldom family picture (yes, those deer heads are family).

A picture of three college graduates.

If we weren’t Baptists, could you guess who would be a preacher in this family?

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