Today was our last day in Branson. After breakfast, we all went for one final swim. The boys, of course, were excited! To help in the packing process, I was volunteered to stay with my nephews in the pool. I don’t have to pack- I like that idea! So we stayed longer (which I paid for in the following days) and played in the pool. 

After everyone was packed and loaded, we had to make one final stop- lunch. It was unanimous, we were going to have lunch at Fudruckers. Yum! We ate our burgers, fries, onion rings, and shakes, making all of us happy as we traveled home.

The ride home to Arknasas was good. There was the threat of isolated thunderstorms but that’s all it was, a threat. I would definitely want to go back to Branson again someday (hint, hint). 

I apologize that there are no pictures on this post. The site is having problems uploading the photos. Check out the photos on the slideshow or click on our photo gallery on the sidebar.

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