These boys are ready to go swimming!

The third day in Branson was spent just lounging around the resort, specifically around the pool. After lathering the kids with enough sunblock to cover a small country, we headed to the pool. We had a great time playing in the pool and it was nice just to sit around and relax for the day.

Tim made some hotdogs and chili for lunch and then the kids went down for a nap. While they were sleeping, we played games. When the kids got up, we loaded up the cars in search of ice cream and funnel cakes. So we went down the Branson strip and got what we wanted.
After we got back to the resort, everyone went back to the pool while I made some spaghetti for dinner. It was a good relaxing day for everyone.

Look at that cute flotation device.

Talk about cool.

Sommer knows when a camera is around.

This is what Aunt Brandi (Boo__) did all week long. 🙂

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