The second day began early for some (Amy) while others (me) decided to take advantage of the sleep that I have not had for a while. Today’s activity- Silver Dollar City. Silver Dollar City is a theme park set in an 1880’s craft village. There were craftsmen all over the place from glass blowing to blacksmithing. It also had a lot of different shows (some of which you’ll need to see on the slideshow) and rides, both for children and adults.

When we got to the park, it was lunch time and we let everyone know about it! So we found a place to eat and enjoyed some great food. After lunch we went to our first show, a show both children and adults were looking forward to- Veggie Tales! With Bob and Larry at the helm, we were looking for a super-duper show. It was a little bit disappointing though there were the old classics sung through the show such as “I Am a Promise” and “Water Buffalo.” But I found myself nodding (not in agreement) through the show. I would give this show an unusual “two thumbs down.”

The next show was a comedy show. I laughed so hard, my head started to hurt (but not quite pass out). And of course, as with every theme park show, I must have a sign on my forehead that says “Pick me! Pick me!” Asked to help (or be embarrassed as Trevor would say), I had to wear a hula skirt and a top involving coconuts. To see pictures, you will have to visit the our photo gallery. You can click on it at the sidebar.

We then played on a tree house (or at least I did until I realized how high it got), some rode on a roller coaster, and finished it off with an evening concert which ended with a string of patriotic songs. It was another good day but all that walking has (as they would say down south), “plum-wore me out!”

Sommer’s ready to go!

Welcome to Silver Dollar City!

Aunt Amy and Sommer are ready to have some fun.

We could only afford one stroller.

I said, we can only afford one stroller Grammy!

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