Here are the real reasons we really came home.

Our favorite niece, Sommer, reading the book and wearing the dress we gave her.

Sommer already learning at an early age the value of “painting the barn.”

In the midst of a busy season, Amy and I found the time to go on vacation to Arkansas to spend time with family. We left early morning (before the sun or Amy even thought of rising) so that we can spend a full day with family. 

After landing in Littlerock, Arkansas, we had lunch with Dad at the Cracker Barrel. When you start off your vacation with Cracker Barrel, you know it’s going to be a good vacation! After lunch, we drove about four hours to Branson, Missouri. If you’ve never been to Branson, it’s a beautiful testimony of God’s marvelous creation. Maybe I was just excited because it was so green! The best way to describe Branson- it is a family version of Las Vegas, Nevada. Shows for the whole family and quite honestly, it was quite refreshing to come to a place where people know that there is only one God.

We stayed for three nights at the Branson Meadows Wyndham Resort. All eleven of us stayed in a two-bedroom condo. We had tons of fun! That evening we went to a dinner show called “The Dixie Stampede.” If they took away the show, it would have still been a great dinner. 

The menu: potato soup, cornish game hen, BBQ pork, fried potato, and apple turnover- all in big portions! By the way, we had to eat everything by hand. The show was great, too. It involved horses and Texas longhorns. 

We came back to the room stuffed and ready to play games. We played games until almost 3 a.m. It was good to be with family! 

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