This is Amy and I with our realtor, Stephanie, in front of our new home.
I apologize, seeing that I haven’t posted anything for the last 36 days. The busy just keep getting busier! We closed out our school year with a multitude of church activities in between. Since the last post we have had a church-wide picnic, a mother-daughter banquet, mothers’ day services, a school awards ceremony, a junior high banquet, two graduations, a building banquet, and a memorial day service. Whew! The life of ministry- never a dull moment!

In the midst of all these activities, Amy and I have been involved in the very exciting process of purchasing a home. Almost three years ago, at the apex of the real estate market, we decided to sell our townhome. But because the market was so inflated, we have decided to simply wait on God to provide us with a home. We have been renting a home since. Many looked at it as a poor economic move because you are “throwing your money away” when you rent. Some told us that it would be better to move further out of town because at least we own the home. Amidst all the advice, we simply prayer and sought godly counsel.

We have always tried to make sure that our lifestyle does not interfere with our God-given ministry, which included being close to church. And I believe God has been please with that. Today, with the housing market slumping and gas close to $4 per gallon, God has proven our decision to be right. God has blessed us with a home!
As of May 29th, 2008 at 2:35 p.m., Amy and I officially became homeowners. Praise the Lord! This house came with so many upgrades, is a mere 2.5 miles from the church, and is located in a quaint little neighborhood. In the next post, I will write how God worked to open opportunities and confirm his will. But for now, enjoy the pictures of our new home!

5 thoughts on “THE BUSY GET BUSIER…

  1. Well I am so happy for you guys. I cannot wait to get out there and see it for myself. It is just beautiful. And I can tell it was worth the wait. God has truly blessed you guys for all your service you do for him! I love you all and I am counting down the days that you will be here with us for a visit. Love ya Mom

  2. What a Blessing! I just love the home! Can’t wait to come over and sit by that fire pit… and work in your craft room! We praise the Lord for another answered prayer! In Christ, Dave, Chrissy and little David Garcia

  3. Hey guys. Great house (big kitchen)!! I’m so happy for you. Congratulations!!! Hopefully, we can come see you sometime and see your new home. Love you guys, Ron and Christie

  4. Hi, I love your new home. I am so proud for you both. When you use your fire pit toast some marshmellows for me. Love ya,Aunt Carol

  5. Yay! Congratulations! Looks like you have quite a bit of room! I’m sure you’ll be having people over all the time…opening your home in ministry! ;o)Hope you’re both doing well! Miss you!Rohn & Debra Gibson

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