This is definitely a Baptist Men’s Retreat!

For the past seven years, our church has set aside time during the spring to have a Men’s Retreat. The first year we had it, we had 16 men in attendance. Last weekend, we had 60 men attending the retreat! We have watched God grow our retreat both numerically and spiritually. We truly thank God for these blessings.

Though the food was deliciously filling, the fellowship sweet, and the activities fun- preaching has always been the emphasis of these retreats. Dr. John Goetsch preached six times from Thursday evening to Saturday morning. Many decisions were made for God and the effects of God’s Word is still evident in our church.

As a man, I am thankful for these opportunities to separate myself from the daily distractions of life and focus on improving my relationship with God. Though some may see this as an inconvenience and ask, “How can you afford to go to a retreat,” my response is simple. How can you afford not to go? No man, regardless of how long you have been saved  or have been in ministry, is close enough to the Lord. We can always draw nearer to God!

The results of these times far outweigh the “sacrifice” we may make to attend such a retreat. I believe that I am a better husband, a better preacher, a better principal, a better assistant pastor, a better boss, a better friend, a better teacher, a better Christian simply because I honored God with the time, treasure, and toiling necessary to attend the retreat.

So the next time your church has an event designed to draw you closer to God, go! Don’t believe for a moment the lie that these events are simply planned to fill a church calendar. Every event has a spiritual purpose that you don’t want to miss. Just imagine what God can do if we find ourselves ever so close to Him… 


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