“The unsung heroes of the tea.”

A few days after getting back from Alabama, it was time for another major project! Amy puts together a tea for the ladies of our Homebuilders class every year. And they look forward to it and love it! My wife is turning English on me! I call her the “Tea Master!” A tea for the nursery teachers, a tea for the school teachers, a tea for the ladies in our class- tea, tea, tea, tea.

You would think, by the way I am writing about it, that I hate it. On the contrary, I love it too much! Let me explain before you get any “froo-froo” ideas about me. The food she prepares for these teas are amazing! I look at the spread and ask myself, “Why are there not that many ‘physically blessed’ English women?” Egg salad sandwich, cucumeber sandwich, chicken curry salad sandwich- my goodness! I feel myself gaining weight as I recall the menu.

And herein is my dilemna- I am assigned to the kitchen to help others prepare these meal and oops- some just fell in my mouth! Do you see where I am coming from? Somehow, as much as I love it, she must stop with these events. I am “enlarging my borders” every time I help her with these. And even when I don’t help, she always brings some of it home. I think she misunderstood me when I asked for a “tee time” and not a “tea time.” Golf, baby! Not sandwiches!

But at the end of the day, I know it is all for the Lord’s service. I must eat to please others. I must serve to encourage others. I must gain weight to make others feel better about themsleves. As far as I am concerned, my wife can keep hosting these teas because not only are we laying up treasures in Heaven, we’re also laying food in my belly!


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