With the passing of Amy’s uncle, we had the oppotunity to go home to Alabama for a few days. This gave us some time with our nephew Isaac and our niece Sommer. They are growing up so fast! I must admit, this is one of those things that makes it so hard to live away from family. Nonetheless, when we are with them, we learn to make every moment a quality moment. We try not to lose time through idle chatter. With my nephews and niece, I just learn to play as hard as I can because tomorrow is not always a guarantee.

God is so good to us! I heard a song this week that had these words, “Even in the bad times, God is good!” Though we were brought together through the tragic passing of Uncle Paul, God allowed Amy and I to experience some good through the lessons we have learned and the time we were able to spend with family. What do preachers always say? God is good, all the time!

“With Isaac around, Sommer’s got to know how to defend herself!”

“I wonder whose glasses he got a hold of.”


2 thoughts on “TIME WITH THE FAMILY…

  1. Oh how we enjoyed spending time with you guys! I miss you all already. What a good job on what you wrote about Paul. Love you guys. I was looking at the pics and Isaac saw the one with your glasses and he said that is Uncle Juans glasses. Love you allMom

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