There are so many ways God chooses to bless-
Health, wealth, fortune, and days of life with success.
But for one blessing from God I’ll always be grateful-
So long as I walk this sod, for Amy I’ll be thankful!

For years Satan tried to keep me distracted.
To his cheap imitations I was often attracted.
But God saw that I needed someone better
To break me lose from relationship fetters!

That’s when God brought Amy to me!
Right away I began to feel free
From the painful relationship games,
No more to be shot down in flames!

She has been used of God to keep me grounded
In God’s Wisdom, on which our marriage is founded.
And during times when I feel like going astray,
God used her to point me back to the Way.

So on this, a special day for those whom we love,
I thank my Heavenly Father above
For bringing me a precious gift in my wife
Whom God used to improve and enhance my life!

I can only wish for all on this special day
That you can experience in the same way
The true joy that only God can bring
When He gives you the real thing!


3 thoughts on “THE REAL THING…

  1. hey kuya you haven’t put anything new on our blog in quite a while i check it all the time ya know. i love and miss you your little sis, Abi

  2. KUYA!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING IN A LONGLONGLONG TIME.Pretty please put something new on. Please! i miss you and love you. if you see this soon call me. i love you. 🙂

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