This weekend Juan surprised me with a romantic getaway. Friday after school I had a meeting with Amanda over lunch. Later that afternoon we met up with Juan. After telling Amanda bye and shutting the car door, Juan told me he had a surprise for me. Well of course I was immediately excited and very curious. So I started asking questions to which he replied, “You will find out in a few minutes”. We began to drive north out of the city. He had asked if I was hungry and if I wanted to eat supper then but I must admit I just wanted to get my surprise. I said no that I could wait until after I got my surprise (thinking it was a few minutes away). We continued to drive for an hour. (We had planned to go to Payson Saturday to check out the hotel and conference room where we are holding our first Couples Retreat next month.) As we continued to drive I realized we were heading to Payson. I looked at him and said “Honey, we can’t go to Payson tonight. I don’t have anything with me for tomorrow.” He just laughed and said not to worry he had packed for us. I must admit at that moment I thought, “Great! I will not have make up or my make up remover.” He knows me so well. He said, “I got your make up, hair brush, clothes, and even a book for you to read.” I was shocked for a second then I remembered who I was married to. Juan is very observant and notices everything. When we got to the hotel and unpacked the car, I realized he remembered to pack everything. I am married to the best husband.

We unpacked and he took me to a nice steakhouse for dinner. It was so wonderful to get to spend time with him. We laughed, talked, and enjoyed a delicious meal. We then went to our hotel and did I forget to mention that he got us a room with a fireplace and a jacuzzi. I know, I know, I am spoiled. But that’s not all, Saturday we woke up, got ready, and checked out. He took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Payson. After lunch he told me that he had looked up all the antique stores in town and we were going shopping. I know, can you believe it! How much does he love me to sacrifice a day of shopping for me? We had a great time and I bought some rare books that I love and a teacup and saucer. On our way out of town we stopped at a bakery and got some goodies to go.

I had a wonderful surprise weekend. I feel very loved and cherished. I thought I should brag on my wonderful husband. The Lord has truly blessed me with a caring and loving husband. This just proves the saying, “Prayer works!”

Oh, and Dad if you are reading this that picture was taken for you and I have some great places to take you to when you visit!

“Look at who found herself a new cowboy!”


  1. hi amy and kuya i am at school. kuya must be crasy to sacrifice a whole entire day of shopping for you. i love and miss you so call me on my cell phone any day. i may not answer but i will eventually. i love looking at your blog! love you!!!!!1

  2. Well I am trying again to blog!I have done this 3 times already. I am jealous, j/k That was so wonderful of your husband. I know you were surprised. I love you guys and miss you so much.Mom and Dad

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