I know what most of you are thinking, “Here we go again! No posts on! He posted so much in December. And now, it’s been weeks since he’s posted anything.” I was on Christmas vacation, my friends! Here’s a quick recap: we got back from vacation and we literally hit the ground running! We had our church’s 14th year anniversary. Pastor Leversee and his family started the church 14 years ago and he’s still faithfully leading the church.

The following week was our Theme Sunday. This year’s theme, “Worship the Lord.” It’s amazing that most Baptists shy away from this biblical word, which is also a command of God. God, who commands us to worship, gives us the guidelines for worship. You and I do not choose how to worship the Lord- He has already outlined that in His Word. It is not through “Christian” rock bands, healing services, and “name it and claim it” prayers. Worship’s focus is never on man- it is always on God.

The past few days have been spent preparing for our first ever couples’ retreat, our annual Fine Arts competition in Lancaster, California, our Friend Day, and our men’s retreat. Busy, busy, busy. But it is all worth it!

Amy and I are always thankful for the opprotunities to serve the Lord. The next post will be authored by Amy herself. So, check in soon!

One thought on “COMING SOON…

  1. Some Baptists shy away from that nowdays? I guess it’s because they’re afraid of being associated with modern “worship” and their “worship teams”.Anyway, that sounds cool. 😀

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