After Christmas, the task of spending gift cards began. After going to different stores, we stopped at a burger place where the burgers are named after cars. The restaurant has been hosting car shows for decades. The burgers were fantastic, the shake was delicious, the onion rings and fries were definitely greasy, and the company, well… it was great!

After dinner, we came home to a snow-covered Snoqualmie. It has been snowing all day and it finally stuck and there was snow everywhere! We parked the van on the driveway and proceeded to play in (or is it on) the snow. We attempted to build a snowman but it is much more fun to throw snowballs at each other. Across the street from my parents’ house is a playground with fresh, undisturbed snow. Have you ever tried to ride playground equipment or go down the slide when it has inches of snow on it? You can ask Amy how it felt later on!

The evening ended when I was hit with a snowball hard enough to knock my smile and snow cap off my face- a double hit from the double “A’s,” Andrea and Abigail- with Amy just laughing her head off on the side. Memories were once again made and my family finally heard me say, “I’m cold! Let’s go inside!”

I want a big and juicy burger!

Another shot of the Impala burger and chocolate shake.

Oh look, an Oreo on snow! 

Here’s Andrea destroying our snowman!

I know you don’t think it’s possible, but I am freezing!

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